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We typically sell our bulls and females through our partnership in the Red Alliance. Those sales are held each spring and fall in Grosebeck, Texas at Groesbeck Livestock and Auction.
We also offer bulls and a variety of females from time to time straight off the farm.
Below are photos of bulls we have sold in past sales through Red Alliance. 
Give us a call if we can assist you in your interest for Red Angus cattle. 214-762-8541

Whisnand Red Angus

Whisnand Red Angus

Whisnand Red Angus

Whisnand Red Angus




Whisnand Red Angus Cattle Whiteright TXProducers of Quality Red Angus Bulls & Heifers

Bulls available!  Excellent Selection!

Whisnand Red Angus Farm – Our Commitment to Quality Genetics
Our goal in raising Red Angus is as follows: 

• We have a responsibility to contribute to the improvement of Red Angus gene pool. Our breeding decisions are based on this responsibility.

• Produce high quality Red Angus bulls for both commercial producers and highly discriminating seed stock producers.

• Our AI and embryo transfer program is focused on producing bulls that provide calving ease, growth and carcass traits that are demanded by the beef industry. 

• Raise Red Angus females that will contribute to the quality of the gene pool and allow fellow seed stock producers a base on which to add value to their herds. 

We are proud members of the Red Alliance which is a coalition of elite Red Angus breeders from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Iowa. The Red Alliance team is committed to producing the very best Red Angus genetics possible through the use of artificial insemination, embryo transfer and superior quality herd sires.

We are very proud of the Red Angus herd we have developed.  Please review and observe our Herd Sires page.  We don’t like to brag but we feel like we have one of the strongest collection of herd bulls in the country.  Take a look at the lineup and judge for yourself.  Our cow herd has been established by selecting outstanding females from top breeders around the country and through retention of carefully selected females we have raised through our own program.  We have multiple partnerships and strategic alliances with partners who share the same strong commitment to developing elite quality Red Angus genetics.  The Red Alliance is our primary outlet for sales, but we offer a select number of bulls and females by private treaty as well.  We also offer semen from our herd sires.  

Whisnand Red Angus - Red Alliance

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Each year we place our bulls in a development program with fellow Red Alliance team members in order to measure their rate of performance across a wide range of measurements. At the conclusion of the development period each bull’s performance is reviewed and analyzed. Then each bull is visually appraised in order to determine if they are structurally sound.  If they pass the visual appraisal test they are then examined via ultrasound for carcass quality measurements and fertility tested.

We invite you to browse through our web site to learn more about our farm in Whitewright, Texas, our commitment to quality Red Angus breeding, as well as information and resources regarding Red Angus cattle.

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